Everyone (now) sober, or campaign in Warsaw

"I do not have to score on goal?"

Krynica, September last year. Another party night during the economic forum. Politicians from PO and Nowoczesna celebrate in one of the time-honored forums. Circles bowls with miniburgers, alcohol not so much, a lot of discussions about how you hide the "hide the Duck" and at the same time do not argue too much.

Rafał Trzaskowski is standing on the sideline in a narrower circle. He knew then that the party would put him at the spearhead in Warsaw. – You know what, I'm afraid you do not have a goal – suddenly throws one of the debaters. – I do not have to score on the goal? I do not have to score on the goal? Well, you will see it! – refutes Trzaskowski's accusation. Two months later he is officially presented as the presidential candidate of the capital.

Kabaty or Stokłosy?

The Deputy of the Platform meets quickly in districts. The rooms are full. He avoids accidents such as those in Stokłose when he welcomed everyone "to Kabat". He later explained that it was because he lived alone in Kabaty. The mini campaign is under way. Paweł Rabiej joins the Trzaskowski team, which gives up its presidential ambitions and agrees with the position of vice president after a possible victory. Rabiej plays behind the scenes an ant track, meets many environments – including with the Vietnamese, who are around 30,000 in Warsaw and also potential voters.

Waiting for the PiS candidate. At one point, only two potential rivals remain in the ring – Michał Dworczyk and Patryk Jaki. Every internal survey ordered by Nowogrodzka gives a better chance of fighting something for something in the platform's bastion. At the end of April Jarosław Kaczyński announces that Zbigniew Ziobro will start in Warsaw.

What comes in the game

An alternate from Opole immediately launches a campaign. Daily press conferences are organized elsewhere. His people carry a wooden donkey behind them. Put a cardboard board with the description of the next promises and plans. Patryk Jaką model Rafał Trzaskowski starts meetings in districts. Then he develops his action, moves to apartment buildings. He promises that he will visit 100 during the campaign. Polls get better for the PiS candidate, he pursues the Platform's policy.

On the side of Rafał Trzaskowski's supporters fear begins to appear. Some publicists even went looking for an analogy with the fatal campaign of Bronisław Komorowski in 2015, which he lost, despite the fact that his advantage seemed gigantic. They suggest that the policy of the Platform is too small for the ubiquitous Who.

As a matter of fact, they do not notice that although the aid minister in the investigation is getting better, Trzaskowski also has higher and higher quotations – classic polarization. They seldom mention that each poll shows a clear advantage of PO & # 39; s MP in the second round.

"Belt scandal" and "Bulgarian trail"

But the impression was vaccinated: what goes like a storm, Trzaskowski does not want. In addition to this, the second "band scandal" happens with the absurd size. Here the deputy taps on the glass that falls out of the door with the tape in the apartment of the woman he visited. Act or not – not relevant. It is significant that there was no end to laughter and laughter on the internet. Until one day Patryk Jaki decided to go to Sofia …

Candidate for Justice and Justice, who promised that after the victory he would "immediately" start the construction of the 3rd and 4th subway lines. He even presented the relevant drawings and claimed that this was the concept of a student from the university of the University of Warsaw that was developed under the supervision of professors (master's thesis?). Right six that led the planned route, for example through an underground lake. What he wanted to prove that the metro can be built much faster than the last 8 years. Hence the idea (interesting in itself) of a trip to the capital of Bulgaria, where the route of the metro actually runs faster than in Warsaw.

However, it seems that PiS staff did not carefully examine the matter. Although the Sofia metro is being built quickly, other public transport modes are either broken or broken, or at least cut. There are fewer and fewer people using public transport, the rolling stock is out of date, fewer and fewer lines. And the metro itself, which cannibalises trams and buses, runs every 6-7 minutes at rush hour, which would be unthinkable in Warsaw (with us every 2-3 minutes).

English is a difficult language

A Bulgarian urban activist polemic with Patryk Jakim in direct conversation. He argued that this underground queue in Sofia is not like the Polish politician is trying to prove. He tried to answer that enigmatically that it really mattered to show the pace of construction. But it is as if you deserve credit for the rapid advance in the middle of the highest office building in Europe, where only a dirt road leads. Well, "it's good, because we've built it fast" (by the way, the tallest office building on the old continent is being built in Warsaw).

And yet the message from the PiS candidate conference was less distorted, and even more so when he tried to say it. It turned out that Patryk Jaki is not good enough with English, which is certainly the staff of Rafał Trzaskowski (who knows 4 languages) will use on every occasion. But this was not the worst news for an Opole MP that day. In the morning he was forced to remove the treasurer from his staff. The platform has published anti-Semitic listings on the Internet years ago. The decision could only be one that the PO did not have the fuel to exploit the subject (although it does in any case).

Even in Sofia, Jaki surprised with an offer for Marek Jakubiak from Kukiz & # 39; 15, who announced his start at the Warsaw election. The Deputy Minister of Justice stated that he would see the richest deputy in the town hall as chairman of the vice president for economic affairs. Of course, in the second round, the votes of Jakubiak's supporters will largely come from Patryk Jaki, so this statement seems strange, especially since it limits the chances of acquiring a part of the moderate electorate. Especially women – Jakubiak is accused of chauvinistic views.

Waiting for the second round

In order to avoid such problems, Rafał Trzaskowski's staff will not announce similar proposals. – We wait for the second round – one of the PO representatives tells me anonymously. – Such movements may not be necessary at all – he emphasizes. Another PO employee I ask for the evaluation of the last campaign period: – In general it is good, no opinion poll shows a threat to Rafał in the second round. But that does not mean that there are no things that need to be improved. There are several things that need to be put in order, in some areas this need may even be greater than outside. But we are good at it.

However, it can be concluded that Patryk Jaki's campaign has left its mark on the activities of Rafał Trzaskowski who organized a conference a few days ago … at the metro station. The candidate for the Mayor of Warsaw will also play a special role during the September Civic Coalition Convention. It also seems that the head office of the PO and Nowoczesna candidate will avoid too many debates with the PiS candidate. – One debate for the first and one for the second round – I belong in PO.

Why? – This "second" in a direct meeting with the leader is always built, no matter how it falls out. Although we are convinced that Rafal would go into the debate, what convinces me is one of the politicians involved in the campaign in Warsaw. The staff of the Law and Justice also thinks in the same way.

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