Gdask. d SG would damage the yachts. "Newsweek": Escortowaa Dud

The case concerns the events of August 10 this year. In Gdansk, on Martwa Wile, the Border Guard unit (SG-213 "Stranik") exported and moved so quickly that it caused waves that damaged the yachts moored in the marina on the island of Sobieszewska.

"Newsweek" informed on its website that Stra Sztran had the escort of President Andrzej Dud that day, who will meet scouts on the island of Sobieszewska on August 10th. This is what the witnesses claim, who will reach the weekly.

Stragrens: the compensation covers the policy of the officer

Spokesperson for the Sea Department of the Border Guard, Cpt. Andrzej Juwiak indicates that the SG-213 unit is so fast, because he can collide with the motor yacht – then the officer had to decide to speed it up. A police force appears on the spot to explain the case, and the guilty of the officer of the border guards assumes responsibility for the incident.

Capt. Juwiak also said that because of the wave produced by SG-213, several yachts were about to be scratched. the witnesses of "Newsweek" claim that the engine is working at high speed, which is prohibited at that location.

Persons whose yachts are damaged can calmly relax: the costs of any repairs can be covered by the insurance policy of Stray Border. From the side of the border guard, however, there was no confirmation that President Andrzej Dud had been escorted on that day.

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