Greece. Another tourist locked up at the airport. They come back to Poland on Monday

Another burden from Polish tourists who spend holidays abroad. This time there are huge delays from the Greek island of Zakynthos. "We would leave on Friday at 9:15 pm It is Sunday and we are still waiting for transport and we do not know when it will be delivered to us" – wrote Mrs. Julia, bitter about us at

Earlier in Wirtualna Polska we announced that a group of tourists from Poland was stuck in Bulgarian Burgas. On Friday, due to a technical failure, the small-scale aircraft of the Small Planet airlines did not arrive. A large group of Polish tourists stayed at the airport for almost a day. Most of them, especially families with children, arrived in Katowice on Sunday. In Bulgaria, however, 26 people remained.

In the meantime we received information from Mrs Julia, one of the tourists on holiday on the Greek island of Zakynthos, on the "Hello, in the news you can read about delayed flights from Bourgas, but there is no word about Poles stuck on Zakynthos." We would leave on Friday at 9:15 pm, it is Sunday and we are still waiting for transport and we do not know when it is insured "- we read in a message from Mrs. Julia.

In the same spirit a web surfer Cammal wrote us. "People can not come back from Zakynthos and Grecos travel agency washes their hands", the user informed about

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The case of tourists from the island of Zakynthos about the RMF FM. According to the radio, the flight has already been moved twice. In the beginning they had to leave the Greek island on Saturday, and on Sunday evening there was information about the outlet. According to RMF FM, about 200 tourists are on the run.

According to the latest information, the plane will fly from Zakynthos to Katowice tomorrow after 08:00 local time, which is after 09:00.

What is the reason for such & # 39; n long waiting time? According to RMF FM there was another technical fault in the charter Small Planet. The courier informed the travel agency of Grecos.

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