He wanted to shine, he only compromised himself. Janusz Lewandowski uses the words of Saint. John Paul II to fight the government

The Europol of the Civic Platform is promoted on the words of John Paul II. Janusz Lewandowski, known among others of attacking the Polish government in the West, he quoted the Polish Pope, referring to the so-called defense of democracy.

Lewandowski wrote on Twitter with a quote from Saint. Jana Pawła II at Westerplatte.

According to the European Parliament these words can be used for political struggle, talk about "defense of democracy" and the victory of his party in the elections.

"Do you already know what your Westerplatte is, what you have to defend? "- asked John Paul II in Gdansk in 1987. My generation, generation of freedom, already knows: to defend democracy and our place in the EU during the 2018-20 election marathon.

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