IMGW: warnings for storms or heavy rainstorms for seven provinces – News

The first level warnings against intense rainfall and thunderstorms apply the eastern part of the Ermland-Masurian Voivodeship, the south-eastern part of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the entire area of ​​Podlasie and the Lublin region. Warning for intense rainfall is valid in the southern part of the voivodships Śląskie and Małopolskie, and in almost the entire Podkarpackie voivodship there is a warning against thunderstorms with hail.

According to IMGW, the precipitation can reach up to 40 mm locally, and the wind speed in gusts can reach 80 km / h.

According to the IMGW, the first level warnings provide "conditions conducive to the occurrence of dangerous meteorological phenomena, which may cause material damage and threats to health and life". "Working in conditions of exposure to these factors is difficult and dangerous" – warns IMGW.

The Government Center for Security informs about how you can safely withstand the storms. You must not leave the house without you having to. You also have to avoid open spaces, do not stand under the only tree or mast in the area and avoid touching metal objects. People who drive a car have to drive to a parking lot away from trees. In the mountains you have to get off the top as fast as possible. Floating people must leave the water immediately and away from the coast.

Spokesman for the State Fire Service, senior brig. Paweł Frątczak informed PAP on Saturday that – as a result of storms passing through the country – the fire brigade intervened 553 times during the night from Friday to Saturday, of which 402 interventions concerned the removal of broken trees from streets and roads, and 151 – the draining of water from the cellars of buildings "." 86 firefighters intervened in Silesia, 73 times in Mazovia, 72 in Podlasie and 60 in Lodz, "he said.


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