In the National Court Register, hearings of candidates for judges at the Supreme Court – Law and Justice –

As the office was informed, the hearings began with the candidates for the disciplinary chamber and the extraordinary audit, where most of the reports were.

Last week, the Council announced that 215 applications had been received so far and 13 candidates had submitted a withdrawal statement. Seven applications submitted to the disciplinary chamber, four to the extraordinary control room and public affairs, one to the civil chamber and one to the criminal chamber.

According to the information provided to PAP, 100 candidates were admitted to the disciplinary chamber, 74 candidates in the extraordinary chamber of supervision and public affairs, 34 in the civil chamber and seven candidates for vacancies in the criminal chamber.

KRS stipulated that the number of applications could be changed, because some requests were sent by post and the final summary should be awaited. In addition, candidates also have the right to withdraw their applications at any time.

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