Jaros³aw Kaczyñski like Steve Jobs. The PiS delegate proves politics

Jaroslaw Kaczyñski, president of the Law and Justice party, was very interested in the leave. There were even conspiracy theories about the fact that the photos are false. The Kaczyñski outfit itself also attracted the attention vest.

– The president is very fond of this blue shirt, dark cardigan and gray trousers. In this set he was already on holiday in 2016 – PO Michael Szczerba wrote on Twitter. Deputy Bernadetta Krynicka of Law and Justice reacted to him and compared Kaczyñski with Jobs, Obama and Einstein.

– President Kaczyñski, just like Obama and Zuckerberg, or rather Einstein and Jobs, has more important things to think about than everyday clothing. He concentrates on what is important – Krynica replied.

The deputy of the Law and Justice gave himself no small doubts and added: – Good examples to follow, Szczerba said. It is never too late to get tired.

After changing his penis, he is today a TVP star. Who is Micha³ Rachoñ?

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