Jarosław Kaczyński feels better

The plan was that the president would leave for a few days. Beskid Sadecki, it was a good choice after the disease and invasive knee surgery – Jarosław Kaczyński could walk in peace, which is recommended in the case of leg rehabilitation.

And peace does it – everyone feels better without a situation of excessive stress. And in a beautiful environment.

But according to our information, President Kaczyński tasted so much peace in the mountains that he decided to stay there for a few days.

– As far as I know, the President extends the vacation for a few days. I feel very good. It will not be until the end of next week, Thursday, Friday perhaps – said an important PiS politician against Fakt.

Another confirmed this information and added:

– The president feels great. He rest and quietly looks at the election campaign. Our assessment is good – PiS politician told us.

But something else that the president does, as we have been told, does. Or rather – it has to do with. Because if you do not have it at the seat in Nowogrodzka Street, then … you have to call.

– After the veto of Andrzej Duda on the ordination, many of our politicians have uncertain places in the letters to the European Parliament. And they call on the president. Although not everyone. Many are afraid and would prefer to go to the hall on Nowogrodzka and personally whisper something, but it is, as it is – a close collaborator of Jarosław Kaczyński.

The PiS president comes back for the good and de facto to open a campaign during the big law and justice convention in Warsaw, planned for early September. Jarosław Kaczyński also participates in the campaign competition. As his colleagues told us, he will travel through the country, but of course not in the same way as in previous years.

– Of course he will not be on the road all the time. It must be less, it is clear, but his speeches, I assure you, the more important they will be – told us an important PiS politician.

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Author: Magdalena Rubaj

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