Jarosław Kaczyński on holiday. Network surfers cut on Twitter

Joachim Brudzinski, with whom Jaroslaw Kaczynski often spends his vacations, published a photo on his journey to Polish mountains on 19 August. "President Jarosław Kaczyński in the Beskid Sądecki is concerned about the state of the opposition in Poland," is the photo of the president of the PiS in the foreground.

One might expect that the frame of Kaczynski would become very popular, but some began to suspect that the photo is a photo montage. He called this, among others MP from the Platforma Obywatelska Michał Szczerba. "The president is very fond of this blue shirt, dark cardigan and gray trousers, which he was already on holiday in 2016" – he noted.

Minister Brudziński referred to these accusations, who said that on Twitter he "had to deal with specialists in photoshop". "Come on, if you've eaten a thousand pork chops and asked the European Commission for help, it's nothing to put you in the brink of spelling reality", added the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. The politician also published subsequent photos with the PiS president. "You say Potoshop Szcz is fascinating now," he wrote.

It had to end in this way. The print of memes after the photo of Jarosław Kaczyński from the top of Koziarz

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