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Kaczyski praises Rydzyk in the list. "The visionary mistake of a humble Redemptorist"

On Saturday, the inauguration of the academic year of the Higher School of Social and Media Communication took place, ie the university of Tadeusz Rydzyk. Many federal officials have participated – including Minister Zbigniew Ziobro of Justice (who will give a lecture on "The dimension of justice in contemporary Poland"), health minister Szumowski or the Senate marched with Stanisaw Karczewski.

His Magnificence is a modest Redemptorist

Posanka Anna Sobecka reads a letter from the PiS chairman, Jaroslaw Kaczyski, who will not be present due to his previous obligations. Kaczyski will first appeal to "His Magnificence, the Honorable Rector & Father, the Founder of WSKSiM Dr. Tadeusz Rydzyk".

And you do not want to believe that it was so many years ago since this memorable year in which the university opens its doors. It was possible, and actually it must be said that it was possible to do what was impossible for a modest Redemptorist. It is the pleasures of his greatness of the rector of the Savior, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, his unhealthy energy, iron will and visionary error, as well as the miraculous ability to unite others around the common cause that led to the establishment of WSKSiM.

– PiS president wrote. He added that it was necessary to say a lot, "that he should take action and achieve so many successes in organizational, scientific and didactic work."

Students for a good change

I will not hide that I am impressed by the involvement of WSKSiM graduates in public and social life in our homeland. You are very happy that so many of them are successful in favor of a good change, that we are striving for a better future for our homeland. I also want to express my charm for this

– Sobecka reads from the letter from Kaczyski. The president of the government party stressed that this is a special year, the hundredth anniversary of the regained independence of Poland. In short, he wants everyone who is satisfied with the supremacy of Poland and the spread of cases in our homeland. "" I send to venerable father rectors and the entire community of WSKSiM with their hearts, parts of respect "- it ends.

Smaller letters from the Prime Minister and the President

Two other letters were sent to students and teachers in a slightly different tone. Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode Mikoaj Bogdanowicz will read a letter from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who emphasizes the "impressive day" which, in his opinion, is Rydzyk University and its "national dimension".

The Chief Executive Officer of the chancellery of President Grayna Ignaczak-Bandych will in turn read a letter from Andrzej Duda, expressing his appreciation and congratulations for his achievements to date.

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