Katie Piper was topped with sulfuric acid. She showed what she looked like

In 2008 model Katie Piper was covered with acid by an attacker hired by her ex-partner. Since then, she had to undergo almost 40 operations. A few days ago she showed Instagram how she looks without make-up. "I want to show myself what I really am," she wrote.

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In 2008 Stefan Sylvestre, an attacker who was hired by ex-friend Katie Piper, spilled sulfuric acid on it. The woman had a burnt face, neck, chest and hands. Her face and neck were deformed.

Piper had to undergo almost 40 operations. She was in a pharmacological coma for 12 days. She also wore a special mask to prevent the formation of new scars.

After leaving the hospital, Katie Piper decided to help people with similar problems. She has founded foundation, wrote an autobiographical book, appeared in several documentary productions. Everywhere she told her story and the dramatic way she had to go after the attack.

Her profile on Instagram is viewed by more than 714,000 users. She recently published her photo without make-up. "I look like it after 7 kilometers of running, I do not just want to publish those things that are easy to receive, or just fun, I want to show myself how I really am," she wrote.

Soon Piper will perform in the British edition of "Dancing with the Stars".


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