Krystyna Pawłowicz from PiS vs. PSL. A sharp discussion on Twitter

It all started with the mention on Twitter of Krystyna Pawłowicz, who decided to evaluate the activities of the Polish People's Party. "PSL, do not hide! You parasitize the villages and Polish farmers You have grown in the industry with related agriculture and oppress the farmers of your neighbors You have the pensionable age of your women already 12 years from the village increased! PSL! your knees and excuses! "- wrote the deputy. Her position became very popular, won more than 1,700 likes and was shared hundreds of times.

It did not take long to wait for the PSL's response, and the person who kept the People's bill did not speak in words. "Kryska, we found your pills. We will give away as we will see in the Sejm. Until then, do not panic and wait a minute. Remember: we love you, "reads the input.

Pawłowicz ended the discussion with another short comment. "Biedron is waiting for your barren love in Slupsk, good luck" – she added.

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