Ksia reacts to the tragedies in Darwek. Read the bishop's call in the churches

Let the rescuers warn you after the tragedy in Darwko for the rest of the Baltic Sea. Remind yourself of dangers that lie in wait in the water. Now these church warnings come to this point

I call on everyone who rests on the water and observes the safety rules. Respect for them is an expression of our responsibility for each other and the expression of love of my beloved

– written in the letter to the believer Edward Dajczak, bishop Koszalisko-koobrzeski. His letter will be read in all kiosks of the Koszalisko-Koobrzeski diocese on Sunday, August 19. It was published on the website of the Polish Episcopate

Tragedy in Darwek. A prayer for prayer

The bishop also writes that he asks God "for eternal salvation for tragically deceased children and for strengthening and peace for their parents." He appeals to the believers to pray for souls, both in Darwin, and for all those who have "lost their lives in tragic events this year."

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