Lubelskie: They have scammed eight million zlotys from the NFZ

The charges related to the extortion of nearly PLN 8 million from the NFZ were imposed by the public prosecutor in Zamość, the 52-year-old Tomasz T., the head of a non-public health center in Smoligów (Lubelskie) and his partner, 48 -year-old Bernard F.

Both suspects were arrested by the court for three months – said Anna Kamola of the press team at the provincial police headquarters in Lublin on Tuesday.

According to the findings of the police and prosecutor's office, criminal activity lasted from 2011 to 2015 and there was a forgery of documentation on the health status of patients who stayed in a care facility in Smoligów. Documents were offered to the NFZ. Thanks to reports about poor health and the need to use specialized nutritional treatment for the residents, the institution received more money from the NFZ.

In fact, the documents declared untruth. In this way, Tomasz T. and Bernarda F. have unjustly financed almost 8 million PLN. The prosecutor accused them of cheating and led to unfavorable regulations with significant assets.

The suspect is in prison for up to 10 years. Policemen temporarily confiscated their property, including a car valued at more than 100,000 zł.

Researchers consider the issue as development-oriented.

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