Mackiewicz's body will be imported from Nanga Parbat? We have new information!

Is the body of Tomasz Mackiewicz of Nanga Parbat taken away? At the beginning of the year, during the descent from the top of the mountain, there was a real drama with the participation of a pool. Tomasz Mackiewicz had serious health problems after a successful peak attack, as a result of which he was unable to go down

The Czech climbers admitted in an interview with Wirtualna Polska that when they entered and left Nanga Parbat they saw a tent in which the body of Tomasz Mackiewicz is probably located. Pavel Burda and Lukas Dubsky admitted that they did not dare to check whether the tent was actually a Polish climber.

Emotionally, it was a very difficult moment. A few minutes I watched this tent, I did not know Tomek personally, but there and at that moment I felt like I lost my best friend. Tomek pointed out three children, I have two. I got stuck. Second, going down from the cruel Nangi, really the last thing you want to see, is the body of another man – in the interview with the WP SportoweFakry portal, Pavel Burda admitted.

So did journalists ask if they think the body of Tomasz Mackiewicz can be brought from Nanga Parbat?

It is possible. But let us be realists. It would be necessary to organize a professional expedition, with strong climbers who, after reaching such a height, would still have the strength to bring the body down. It is not that simple – said Lukas Dubsky in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

Despite the "technical" ability to bring the body, the question remains: "Should Tomek not stay on this mountain forever?". I will warn you immediately, I do not know the answer. Only the immediate family has the right to decide, no one else – he added.


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