Mariusz Pudzianowski about the death of Konrad Gaca, comment from a sportsman

A few days ago, on Thursday, August 16, there was a sad message in the media about death Konrad Gacy . A well-known dietitian died in his house near Lublin. A spokesperson for the Lublin District Prosecutor has reported that the death of Konrad Gacy "happened as a result of illness". The message about the tragedy was fueled by Mariusz Pudzianowski, who knew Konrad perfectly. How did he say about the death of his friend?

Mariusz Pudzianowski recalls Konrad Gaca

Konrad & # 39; s death Gacy moved [MariuszPudzianowski who, in conversation with Wirtualna Polska, reported his knowledge to a dietitian. How does the death of Konrad Gacy react?

It does not reach me. We have been working with Konrad for 11 years. He was a young boy. Well-known, stubborn as I did, strove for the goal he set himself. I helped him from the beginning . We started in a small gym, five by five. Now that he was successful, he could actually start to live. I do not understand – Mariusz Pudzianowski said in a conversation with

We want to remind you that the funeral Konrad Gacy will take place this Tuesday, August 21st. Inform the immediate dietitian of the details of the ceremony.

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Mariusz Pudzianowski does not hide his grief after the death of Konrad Gacy

  Mariusz Pudzianowski

Konrad Gaca has been working with Pudzianowski for many years. 19659008] Konrad Gaca's burial "data-img-source =" [IMG:489976] "src =" "/>

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