Maryla Rodowicz, outraged by the article about her "closeness to the Church". "You are ugly!"

The Catholic weekly "Good Week" decided in her article to describe the spiritual life of Maryla Rodowicz. The article states, among other things, that she requested the assistance of providence in crisis situations, "and after the divorce she approached the church." According to the weekly magazine, participation in the Eucharist gives comfort to the star and she is prepared to talk to the priest herself.

"I often speak with him, thank you for every day and I ask you to ensure that there are no setbacks", says one of the quotations quoted by the newspaper.

Maryla Rodowicz became very upset after reading the article. She even decided to publish a statement on the matter.

"I read with surprise the reprint of Good Week about my contacts with the church, it is not true that from the moment of my divorce from my husband I received the support of the Holy Spirit and approached the church – and this kind of nonsense , that participation in the eucharist brings me relief that I have also talked a lot with a friendly priest: my last close relationship with the church was when I was 8, when I was planting flowers and all with a nightmare bad photo, you disgust – she said.

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