Matura AMENDED MATHEMATICS 2018: Strings and odds on the high school exam qualification test in mathematics. See CKE sheet

Matura AMENDMENT MATHEMATICS 2018: CKE Sheet, Answers, Tasks, Solutions

The high school mathematics exam took place on Tuesday August 21, 2018 at 9 and lasted 180 minutes. Those who did not pass the mathematics exam in May had a chance to improve their score.

Matura patchwork math 2018. What was on the exam? Sheets, tasks, answers

What were the tasks on the right matura exam? What surprised students about the mathematics exam? With us you will see how you passed the matura exam of secondary education in 2018. Answers, solutions, CKE sheets are available on our website.

Secondary final exams in mathematics: "It was a matura exam that can be passed"

– The content of the tasks in mathematics was similar to that of the basics – judges a student of the XIII High School in Krakow. Open tasks include those relating to the calculation of sequence, comparisons and inequalities or opportunities. – I am reasonably satisfied, mainly from a few closed questions. It was a high school exam that can be passed – he comments.

Remember that the entrance exam this year was 83.1 percent. students from secondary schools and technicians from Małopolska. This is the best result in the country. The positive result was 79.7% across the country. graduates from secondary schools. 14.9 percent passed the exam in one subject and the amendment now has a chance. The other students (5.5 percent) have to wait another year for another chance.

Traditionally, the biggest problems for high school students in May were a mandatory exam in mathematics. In all types of secondary schools it was 83%. people. Although many of the high school graduates in Krakow, with whom we spoke in May after completing the mathematics exam, it was claimed that it was not difficult.

– The exam was much simpler than in previous years, really easy Matura exam. The tests were also much heavier – he told us 19-year-old, writing a high school diploma in the 8th high school in Krakow, who plans to study technical physics at AGH, and then dreaming of working in a research center (such as CERN in the Geneva area) and a doctorate. – It seems to me that the matura exam included all mathematics departments, but the tasks were trivial – added the graduate from the high school in Krakow. As an example he gave a task in which you simply had to solve one inequality. – The task is probably for three points, which literally cost me less than a minute – said Tomasz Dyngosz in May.

Retirement exam 2018. Most graduates in secondary education improved mathematics

The August session consists of a written written exam and oral examinations. The vast majority of students come to school to improve mathematics.

Matura AMENDED MATHEMATICS 2018: Strings and odds on the high school exam qualification test in mathematics. See CKE sheet

Mathematics enrollment exam 2018. Who can take the exam?

The graduate of secondary education could take the entrance exam, which obtained less than 30% of the marks on one of the compulsory examinations (either in the written part or in the oral part), he can take the exam in this course

in the correction session in August, provided that:

  • he also took exams in all required courses
  • he took an exam with at least one additional subject at a comprehensive level and none of the exams was canceled.

Matura exam in mathematics 2018. Is it useful for matura exams for everyone?

– As a mathematics teacher, I am also in favor of teaching interdisciplinary. And I am for compulsory matura in mathematics at the elementary level, but for someone with tasks that contain life contexts. That means: that there are a lot of percentages, let's say – calculating deposits, elements that we can use in daily life, and less typical mathematics – says Krzysztof Borek, lecturer at VIII LO.

He adds that he will strive to promote such tasks that include the context of life. – I have just set up a website ( to promote such practices among teachers. I want to encourage teachers to try to see the realistic and life context in their tasks – says the Krakow teacher.

Source: TVN24

Sheets of the correction exam on Tuesday on our website after completion.



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