Minister of Education with allegations for a report on the seventh graders

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Report on tired seventh graders. Minister of Education: an image of subjective assessments

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Anna Zalewska referred to the report of the Children's Ombudsman

In the introduction to the opinion it is written that this is a picture of subjective assessments – the Minister of Education indicated Anna Zalewska, referring to the report of the Ombudsman for Children on the situation of the seventh graders. It shows that the most common problems are: excessive education and domestic work, lack of time for extracurricular activities and violence by group members.

– This is not a report or study – the Minister of Education Anna Zalewska assessed. She noted that she was familiar with the preliminary report for the time being. She pointed out that "in the introduction to the opinion or poll of the Ombudsman for Children, it is written that this is an image of subjective assessments".

He added that "you can not refer to anything in it".

– To be honest, this image of subjective assessments and feelings must be compared to, for example, the first grade of high school. Because this seventh class is very similar to the transformed junior high school and the first high school – she said.

She judged that the report was inadequate. – We do not know, for example, what the method was, which questions were asked – she calculated.

She noted that more than 3,000 students answered the survey, but only 600 parents. – We have 27,000 schools, more than 10,000 primary schools and only 76 directors have responded to this survey, which shows a scale that can not be compared or verified in any way – she noted.

TVN24 reporter Karolina Wasilewska reported that the ombudsman for children's rights referred to charges from the Minister of Education. As she said, he explained that the survey had not been sent to all schools, but that they had been signed in a special system, so that the study would take into account both rural schools and large and small cities. He also pointed out that they were asked about the subjective opinion of parents, children and teachers, because it is impossible to objectively examine the problems in the report.

According to the reporter, the RPD office indicated that no subjective opinion was written in the report. Subjectively, the sentence involved in the study is subjective.

Excessive learning, extensive material, violence

Ombudsman Marek Michalak wrote a letter to the Minister of Education Anna Zalewska.

In his opinion, the reform of the education system is "a risky undertaking, first and foremost because of the pace of changes introduced, the lack of a thorough analysis of the situation of children who have learned in the previous system and the future effects of the changed school reality ".

"My fears have been confirmed by complaints from children, parents and teachers, and the letters about the students of the seventh class were particularly sad," Michalak emphasized.

The report "Situation of students in the 7th class of the reformed primary school", prepared for the RDP, shows that the most reported directors of students and parents are: excess education (respectively 80% and 78%), homework (41% and 36 percent), tests (30 percent and 24 percent) and maps (29 percent and 15 percent), as well as problems related to peer violence (17 percent and 21 percent).

The report shows that almost half of the teachers (48 percent) think that the content of too wide subjects is too broad, especially in the case of Polish (75 percent), history (75 percent), geography (64 percent), mathematics (62). percent) and English (59 percent). They also admit that they can not complete the entire program content during the lesson. On average, they discuss 60% of the lessons. material that forces students to acquire new knowledge at home.


Michalak asked the head of the Ministry of National Education to take measures to improve the situation of students in the last classes of primary school, and to include this problem in tasks that are carried out in a special way by educational supervisors within the framework of pedagogical supervision.

MEN has 30 days to respond to the Ombudsman's letter.

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Source: TVN24, PAP

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