Morawiecki on franc loans at BZ WBK. A conversation in Polsat with Gawryluk

"Bank Zachodni was one of the few banks that did not grant these loans at the time" – in the winter during the visit in Davos, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave on Polsat News. Now the subject returned to the same station after a lie by the head of the government was accused by a client of BZ WBK. This time the prime minister used slightly different words.

The topic of loans in Swiss Francs provided by Bank Zachodni WBK has returned in recent days thanks to Barbara Husiew. During the "Studio Polska" program on TVP Info, the client of the bank managed by Mateusz Morawiecki used extremely powerful words for the prime minister years ago.

"Liar and banker"

– He is morally responsible for the death of my husband and for the fact that for 9 years as a suicide woman, who repaid in BZWBK bank a loan that is expressed in Swiss francs, I fight with him in court. Mateusz Morawiecki is morally accountable for this death and for the fate of my family – the woman who was invited to the program called out.

Barbara Husiew is the vice president of the association "Stop Bankowy bezprawiu". Prime Minister Morawiecki claimed a lie, because only a few months ago the head of the government had complained that the bank he owned was one of the few banks that did not grant these loans (frank – ed.). & # 39 ;

And yet he gave such loans
The question about the allegations of Barbara Husiew came at the end of the conversation between Dorota Gawryluk and Mateusz Morawiecki in Polsat News. The head of state slightly changed his words and confirmed that BZ WBK actually provided loans in Swiss Francs under his leadership, but much later than other banks.

Three banks, including Bank Zachodni WBK, with whom I had the pleasure of managing, constantly lost their customers and until 2008, until the outbreak of the crisis, they did not provide such loans. Due to the fact that we lost market share as a bank with 12 percent. up to 2 percent, all these banks in the final stage for their best customers, selected customers, indeed very small amounts of these loans were granted.

"I regret that this was the case"

That is why Barbara Husiew has the right to feel the "best" and "chosen" client of the bank managed by the current prime minister. What would Mateusz Morawiecki say to her today? They have nothing to complain about.

– I regret that such a situation took place, when I called for such practices to be restricted because it was not good for the entire Polish economy – said the Prime Minister in Polsat News. He stressed that years ago in interviews he "called for bank supervision to ban such practices".

Barbara Husiew with Bank Zachodni WBK is fighting in court for his franchise outfit. As she announced, she intends to call the then president Mateusz Morawiecki as a witness in this process.


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