Newsweek: about the pedophile scandal in Slupsk. What does Biedron do? Who is guilty?

the The Cultural Center in Słupsk was involved in the sexual exploitation of minors. The police is investigating the case. Researchers check whether Vice President Słupska did not want to change the scandal under the carpet. The latest edition of Newsweek was written by Renata Grochal.

The journalist dives into a scandal that the daylight could not see. But it did not happen. In May, the Słupsk police arrested Paweł K., a 34-year-old employee of the cultural center. K. was a dance teacher and led breakdance classes for children and teenagers. He is a specialist in his field. He even got a scholarship from President Biedron.

Unfortunately, as they had decided, the inquiring "star" also had to deal with prohibited actions. According to researchers, K. had intercourse with the 13- and 14-year-olds and started to expel children. Victims may be more, because child interrogations are in progress, and recently the prosecution has made extensive allegations against K. to force the 16-year-old "violently into other sexual activities."

It was a shock

The parents of the victims are shaky. They are shocked. They did not expect it to be their children.

– The police called us and said that they have collected material that shows that our daughter was sexually abused. We could not believe it. My daughter loved to dance. Breakdance classes where her dreams come true. She never complained that something was wrong. But when the gynecologist confirmed that she was not a virgin, she admitted she had been sexually abused – the 14-year-old parents of Renata Grochal tell.

But K. was not just about the 14-year-old. There were more such stories. Paweł K. saw a girl, praised her, distinguished her in the band and became friends with her. He sent texts, made a closer relationship and used it.

Scandal on the side of the town hall?

The national media circulated quickly about the scandal. Some even commented that he might frustrate political plans for Robert Biedroń. There were also signs that the city hall in February, three months before K. & # 39; s arrest, had signals about the sexual abuse of minors in the center.

All anonymous, who went to the director of the center, and she was informed by the deputy mayor Słupska Krystyna Danilecka-Wojewódzka. But she did nothing – this is what PO candidate claims for the president of Slupsk President Beata Chrzanowska. Fortunately, the anonymous person was also sent to the police and he was the one who led to the arrest of Paweł K.

How was the research? Did K. just stop harassment? What did the deputy mayor of Słupska say to the journalist and what does she think of the role of pedophilia in the subject of Robert Biedron? Read this in the latest monthly issue of Newsweek in the article by Renata Grochal.

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