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2018-10-01 21:48

Ks. Mariusz Frukacz

"We must build on the gospel, the cross and trust in the Mother of God, we need these signposts so that no one gets lost on the ways of life and will not lose" – said Archbishop Wacław Depo, metropolitan of Częstochowa in the sermon, who the Mass led on October 1st. in the Church of Our Lady of the Queen of Poland in Janiki.

Ks. Mariusz Frukacz / Sunday

During the solemn Eucharist, the Archbishop dedicated the figure of Poland's sorrowful queen, Ms Licheńska, financed by the death of the parishioners as a result of the centenary of Poland's independence.

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Holy Mass with the metropolitan of Częstochowa they concelebrate: Dr Andrzej Kuliberda, vicar of the pastoral bishops in the archdiocese of Częstochowa and priest Eugeniusz Sikorski, parish priest of the parish Holy Family in Pankach. at the Mass there were priests of deanery and a large number of believers, including the flagship post of the fire brigade and the Circle of the Living Rosary, the Circle of Country Housewives.

– We trust that this prayer and our experience in the community will strengthen us even more in faith. Among us is the mother in the figure of the sad queen of Poland, Mrs Licheńska. May Mary surround us with her motherly protection – said at the beginning of the ceremony, Fr. Zbigniew Krutin, pastor in Janiki.

In the sermon Archbishop Depo reminded that "where the cross is placed and the earth is sacrificed, there the man experiences the work of receiving the gospel" – so began the evangelization in our country from 966 when Mieszko was baptized. Then we became a community. Then we became Poles on the basis of baptism, Archbishop Depo remembered.

– That is why we should not only provide this heritage, but also protect it for future generations. There are many different tendencies today, political systems that try to weaken this unity and our fundamental bond with God and say that Poland will save it without a cross and continue without Christ, the metropolitan of Częstochowa.

Archbishop Depo for Saint. John Paul II pointed to three signs: the gospel, the cross, and the mother of God, and recalled the words the Pope said in Radom on June 4, 1991: "Today we have the foundation to trust in the wisdom of the nation building on it. on the gospel, on the wisdom of the cross and trust in the Mother of God. "

– We need these signs so that no one gets lost on the ways of life and will not lose – said the archbishop.

– Wisdom built on the gospel. This is our job. St. Augustine said, "I am a bishop to you, but I am a Christian to you." This means that I must learn God's thinking, not my wisdom. This means arranging things according to God's revelation. And then we will not get lost and understand that we are not taking the wisdom of this world, that today wants to be outside of God and wants to arrange life in its own way. We want to build on the Word of God, on the gospel – continued the metropolitan of Częstochowa.

The archbishop pointed to the person of the well-known writer Roman Brandstaetter, who said that his grandfather learned from his youth how to live with the Bible – when he read fragments of the Bible as a little boy, he saw the names that were put in the margins. written. Then the future writer asked his grandfather why the names are here. And my grandfather replied that these are the names of our ancestors. They live with God, they have not died. And that is why we write them in the book of God's life. Every other book in this world is just an awkward comment on this one book – said the Archbishop and asked the believers, do we read the scriptures so often? – This is the book of life – Archbishop Depo added.

– Saint. Teresa of the Child Jesus discovered the reading of St. Paul, that the church has a heart, and love is her calling. Let's take the Holy Scriptures, especially the gospel, and we'll see that our lives are there, "exclaimed the archbishop.

The Metropolitan of Częstochowa also referred to the discussions we are currently experiencing in Poland – Sin and freedom have been around since the beginning of the world. And where is the solution? In the cross of Jesus. Because it is not me who saves a man, but Christ. I do not take a man free in the confessional, but Christ. It is said today: "We do not believe in priests, we do not believe in the church." There is no other way to God than through Christ, "said the metropolitan of Częstochowa and added:" On the pages of the scriptures we find treason to Peter and Judas, who not only have themselves and all other sins betrayed but hanged. And who forgives it all? Christ, the only mediator between God and people. "

– We are approaching the cross in every Eucharist. Because we want to build on the cross, on the sign we make about ourselves – the archbishop continued and

he remembered personal experience – When I was still working at the seminar, I was invited to the parish of Radom to give a mission to prepare for the relic of the Holy Cross. When I came to the parish, I saw an elderly woman on the road. When I came to her, I saw that her eyes were covered with a membrane and that she was sick. And she did not know that I was a priest. I asked where it was going. She replied: My son, I am going to church, because Jesus is coming to his cross there. I'll get you back. She took my hand and said, "Son, stay with Jesus, because He never betrayed me, I'm old and blind, maybe I'm going to church for the last time, He never betrayed me." The missionary gave this mission. her for the rest of my life She was my missionary – Archbishop Depo remembered.

At the end, the metropolitan of Czestochowa pointed to the trust and unusual reverence for the mother of God – Christ gave us the mother from the top of the cross. We come here to invite her into our lives again, in everything we go through – Archbishop Depo ended.

After the sermon, the metropolitan Częstochowa devoted the figure of Poland's sorrowful queen, Mrs. Licheńska, who will be placed on the tower of the temple.

The parish in Janikach was steadfast bishop Franciszek Musiel, auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Częstochowa in the years 1965-1992.

Bishop Franciszek Musiel was born on January 14, 1915 in the village of Janiki, parish Krzepice. In 1936 he joined the Częstochowa seminary. He was ordained a priest on 22 May 1941 in Krakow. From 13 December 1950 he was a civil-law notary at the bishop's court in Częstochowa. He studied at the KUL. He obtained the bachelor's degree in canon law in 1956. From 30 July 1957 he was the administrator and later the pastor of the parish of Our Lady of Victory in Częstochowa. Pope Paul VI, November 12, 1965, appointed him auxiliary bishop in the diocese of Częstochowa. He was initiated on January 30, 1966. In his episcopal weapon he placed the words "Cum Maria Deo" (with Mary, God). He died on December 2, 1992.

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