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2018-08-26 19:24

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To share the gospel of the family as a joy to the world, Pope Francis encouraged the end of the IX World Family Day at Phoenix Park in Dublin. During the Mass that crowns this event he stressed that families are called to be missionary disciples, to reconcile the world with God and to make mankind a human family.

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Despite the windy weather, the Eucharist was – according to the Irish Independent newspaper – 130,000 believers (up to 500,000 expected), including Irish President Michael Higgins. Before the beginning of the liturgy, the pope would pass through the papamobiles for a long time, along the sectors spread out over the vast terrain, blessing the inmates.

A choir of three thousand people sang from Ireland throughout the mass. On the altar there was a simple, wooden penitentiary crossing from 1763. The liturgical vestments, in which the pope was dressed and the bishops and priests concelebrating with him, were sewn in Poland – in the family business Haftina from Piotrków Trybunalski. The missal that the pope read was in the hands of the minister and another was responsible for the papal miter. The Eucharist was celebrated in English and Latin, but Franciszek delivered his homily in Italian.

Greetings to the Holy Father at the beginning of the Mass. Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin referred to the historic visit of Saint. John Paul II in 1979, who kept the Eucharist in the same place. He noted that the Church in Ireland had gone through tough times these years. "People have been severely wounded by the people of the church, the faith of the people was questioned and the Church of Jesus Christ was wounded," said the Archbishop of Dublin.

As an example of these dramatic events, he pointed to a cross in the Phoenix park, in memory of the visit of John Paul II 39 years ago. Some demanded their removal. "Today we gather around the same cross, hoping for a spring for the Church in Ireland," said Archbishop Martin. He noted that his native country needs the light of the message of Jesus Christ, so that it reappears in all its simplicity and optimism.

"Thank you as Peter & # 39; s successor for coming to Ireland for the world meeting of families.We pray for you and for the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to you.Stay us in faith," he asked the Holy One. Father, the archbishop of the capital of Ireland.

As part of the penitentiary act, the Pope asked God for forgiveness for the abuse of power, conscience and sex that took place in ecclesiastical institutions in Ireland and for the lack of sympathy for ecclesiastical superiors for victims. He also apologized for the fact that in the past single mothers were taken away from their children, saying that attempts to find them were a mortal sin. "This is not a mortal sin, it is the fourth commandment," said the Holy Father. His words were confirmed by the applause.

At the beginning of his sermon, Francis noted that Jesus' words are "spirit and life," which is the source of all goodness-the Spirit of God, who constantly revives the world, in hearts, families, homes. and parishes. "Every new day in the lives of our families and in every new generation brings the promise of a new Pentecost, Pentecost, a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a Paraclete, which Jesus sends us as our protector, our comforter and the one who really gives us courage ", he said. Pope.

The Holy Father encouraged the participants of the 9th World Family Day in Dublin to "return to their homes" to become a source of support for others to share with Jesus the "words of eternal life". "At the same time, he pointed out that" living in love, just as Christ loves us, implies the imitation of his self-sacrifice, associated with dying for himself, to be reborn into a greater and more lasting love. Only this love can save the world from the bondage of sin, from egoism, from greed and indifference to the needs of people who are less fortunate. This is the love that we have come to know in Jesus Christ. It is embodied in our world by the family, and through the testimony of Christian families in every generation, it has the power to break all the barriers to reconcile the world with God and make us what we are always destined for: one human family, living together in justice, holiness and peace "- said Francis.

The pope noted that the mission task consists of overcoming a series of challenges. At the same time, he encouraged: "Never let us be influenced or discouraged by the icy glances of indifference or the stormy winds of hostility." He added that the teachings of Jesus are difficult: "How hard it is always to forgive those who have hurt us! How wonderful is it to always receive an immigrant and a stranger! end to disappointment, rejection or betrayal! How uncomfortable it is to protect the rights of the weakest, unborn or elderly, who seem to disturb our sense of freedom! "- emphasized the Holy Father.

Francis pointed out that the source of power for Christians is the Holy Spirit and the sacramental grace. "May our celebration today strengthen all of you, parents and grandparents, children and youth, men and women, religious brothers and sisters, contemplatives and missionaries, deacons and priests, by sharing the joy of the gospel! May you be the gospel of the family? sharing it as a joy to the world! "The Pope appealed and ended his homily.

The prayer of the faithful was refused in six languages: English, Irish, Polish, Malayalam, Spanish and Italian. The purpose in Polish was as follows: "Let us pray for our families, may the Lord help them grow in love and gratitude for the gift of life and the gift of His blessings, and for the sake of the earth, our common home . "

For the last blessing, the prefect of the Order of the Laity, Family and Life, Cardinal Kevin Farrell has also announced that the next 10th World Meeting of Families will take place in Rome in 2021, on the fifth anniversary of the Apostolic Exhortation announcement " Amoris laetitia ". Franciszek thanked the organizers of the meeting in Dublin.

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