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2018-09-02 14:06

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Krzysztof Sitkowski / KPRP

With the participation of the President of the Republic of Poland, the Minister of Agriculture and 60,000 Representatives of the Polish countryside in Jasna Góra undergo a national harvest festival. The harvest festival was connected to the 100-year anniversary of Poland's regaining independence. For the involvement of rural residents in regaining an independent state of existence and the preservation of national identity and tradition, the President of the Republic of Poland thanked Andrzej Duda. and Prior of Jasna Góra, Father Marian Waligóra.

The participants of Harvest Festival, Prior of Jasna Góra, Father Marian Waligóra, thanked the loyal continuity of the villagers for the most important values.

Krzysztof Sitkowski / KPRP

– Jasna Góra was and is open to everyone. Here we draw spiritual strength, so white and red Poles will live in us and never die. Today, looking at the free Poland, thanks for the faith in the Polish countryside, for the love of God and for & # 39; That is what Jasna Czestochowa defends, for the love of the homeland – said Prior of Jasna Góra .

The President of the Republic of Poland thanked Polish farmers on behalf of the entire nation for their efforts, despite many setbacks, including the drought that hit our country.

– It is also a special time, the age of independence, when we look at Poland in this distant perspective – the president said.

"It was the Polish farmers," the president remarked, "who were the ones who had provided for this freedom for centuries and often lost their blood for it," he said. He recalled that it was the peasants' sons who supported the Polish army after the revival, and earlier the boys from Polish villages fought in the legions besides the sons of the intelligentsia, at the insistence of one of the fathers of our independence Wincenty Witos, created the farmers one millionth army against the "red plague", then the fighting ended in 1939 and after 1945. many of them did not return to the squad and fought for real freedom in the underground army.

– They always fought for the same; for free Poland, for our values, for our family, for the country, for the faith, for my homeland. And this patrimony was one of those elements that saved us, along with the fight, when we were behind the Iron Curtain & # 39; were seated. That is why it was impossible to gather Poland – said Andrzej Duda. He pointed to the enormous role of Solidarity of individual farmers, because the peasants joined the workers and gave the victory over communism.

– And today Poland is sovereign, free and independent and today we are actually ourselves. Let no one dare dictate anything to us, tell us what we can do and what we can not do, what we are allowed to do and what we can not do, because we ourselves decide on ourselves – said the president of the Jasna Gora.

Andrzej Duda assured the farmers of his concern and regretted that the Polish village had been treated worse than the city for years. He expressed hope for the opening of new markets for Polish farmers, particularly in the Far East. The president expressed his deep appreciation for the inhabitants of the village and their ancestors for their steadfastness "by standing next to Polish soil, our faith, with our great tradition preserved from generation to generation."

The ceremonial sum with the blessing of the harvesting of wreaths is led by Metropolitan of Krakow, Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski.

Krzysztof Sitkowski / KPRP

During the solemn harvest festival the priest emphasized that it was not only about possessing the land, but also about entering its mystery, breeding, surrounding with love and caring.

– However, it is not just about the land that you own as your property. It is much more about knowing and having the courage to enter his secret. We must be able to look into the depth of this earth. We as owners and the mind and heart are still amazed at the fact that the man-cultivated land is constantly the mother giving birth, that almost every seed thrown into it brings its multiple multiplication, that is by this our feeding that she too, the earth, we need to surround us with our love and care in the way we do it with regard to our own mothers – said Archbishop Jędraszewski.

– The Christian faith allows you to discover the country as a heritage as a gift. In turn, so-called patrimony opens a man for the hardships of faith and for personal, profound transformations, achievements and maturing. Faith tells man to look at the earth as a great personal task. It is the task to make the earth a subject, and at the same time it is the task to perfect themselves and ennobling, to create this sacred and dedicated space of the spirit which we call the homeland and which is the prediction of the heavenly homeland – he said.

He emphasized that farmers, as people of hard and heavy work, also came "as people who open this work to the special love of our Polish country." – So you come as a patriot who, like no one else, feels the taste of the homeland, which is an ordinary house of ours, Poland – the metropolitan of Krakow.

Archbishop Jędraszewski emphasized that the cardinal's testament is still alive. Wyszyński addressed to Polish farmers: "If the earth is overgrown with grass, the sharpest winds will not easily remove it, even if it is sandy, but if it is wasteland, then it is easy to conquer it …"

The metropolitan of Krakow pointed out that the country is definitely deeper and more important for Polish farmers than just a work technique. "This earth and this importance is because of the earth because of its relationship with God who is its Creator and who continually sustains it." This truth of the Christian faith has been proclaimed by the Catholic Church for centuries, "he said.

– These beautiful, exciting sounding truths of the Christian faith require specific action from us. The God's Word that has been transmitted to us and sown in us, expects a clear and decisive action from us, and in connection therewith also a great internal struggle to live in truth, to reject all the lies and temptations of slavery – said Archbishop Jędraszewski.

The organizer of the agricultural holiday in Jasna Góra is the pastoral ministry of the national farmers.

Krzysztof Sitkowski / KPRP

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