Patryk Jaki passed the slip. E-mail addresses of his followers leaked to the network. The RODO regulates such situations

Patryk Jaki, the PiS candidate at the Warsaw presidential election, may have unexpected problems regarding the leakage of personal data. According to the Danger service, more than 300 e-mail addresses of the politicians have been leaked to the network due to an error in sending the newsletter.

Bad field

The mistake that probably caused one of Jaki's employees is not the first time that it causes many problems. Likewise, Enea sent a message to hundreds of hundreds of customers a few weeks ago.

When sending a message, recipient addresses were entered in the CC field (in Polish: DW or "to the message"). They must be in the BCC field (BCC – "hidden in the message").

Spill of e-mail addresses from supporters of Patryk JakiegoSpill of e-mail addresses from supporters of Patryk Jakiego FIG. Niebezpiecznik

As a result of the error, each recipient of the e-mail got to know the addresses and often the names and surnames of the other Jaki supporters.

The political aspect of the case is not without significance. Some people declare their support to Patricia, who probably would not want anyone else to know about their political preferences. As with any other candidate.

Personal data must be protected

According to the regulations, we treat personal information when information permits direct or indirect identification of a natural person. An e-mail address with your name and surname certainly meets these criteria.

The RODO directive, which is in effect from the end of May, obliges the person responsible for personal data to inform people who have been leaked about the incident. However, the consequences of a trivial error can be more serious.

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It revealed 204 addresses, the prosecutor began to act

The employee of a hotel in Krakow, who looked at the fields for sending an e-mail, was convinced. Among the 204 wounded there were people who filed a report. The prosecutor entered the action and the guilty had to pay 500 zloty. And so there can be happiness, because the procedures in her case were conditionally stopped and subjected to a one-year test.

We asked the Patryk team for comments. The text will be updated.


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