Peculiar theories of Kai Godek on the topic of pedophilia with the priest. According to her, the blame … has gone away

Recently, the subject of pedophilia among the priests returned to the world debate as a result of a report from Pennsylvania, which showed that from the forties at least one thousand children were victims of the Prince's book. No mention was made of Pope Francis on the Pennsylvania scandal, who is staying with a two-day pilgrimage in Ireland, where he will take part in the 9th World Meeting of the Family. However, he expressed his love for the & ghastly crimes & # 39; of pedophilia in the Catholic Church and said that the indignation of these acts was justified. He also spoke about the defeat of ecclesiastical authorities who did not respond to these crimes.

On Saturday, the Pope celebrates a mass at Phoenix Park in Dublin, which has received 500,000 registrations. CNN, however, claims that Franciszek can expect numerous protests. In Ireland, where the last papal visit took place in 1979, a special government committee dealt with the theme of intimidation and mass violence and abuse of children.

When the report in Pennsylvania saw the light of day, the Vatican issued a statement condemning the pedophile and the spokesperson for the Holy See stressed that the punished were "both those who had committed the abuse and those who let it happen." victims of the prince, however, say that the activities so far are not sufficient. In 2014, the Pope appointed a special committee for the protection of minors, but according to Marie Collins, the victim who was part of the body, it was too slow and the rules were not implemented. Collins left the committee as part of the protest.

Kaja Godek points out the guilty

The church, even if it does not take specific actions, blames the priesthood for pedophilia and for his institutional concealment. Another opinion is Kaja Godek, an anti-abortion activist who posted a Twitter post on this topic:

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand the difference between pedophilia as a violation of one's own value system (church) and pedophilia as a consequence and part of the system. (Left). So much in the church of pedophilia, how much the effects of the sexual revolution have penetrated left.

Furthermore, Godek claimed that "the left-wing feminist gender environment, for example, enforces the sex education standards of the WHO, the pedophile document and the sexual rights of children – also the pedophile concept". The entry also summarized the following statement: "It is worth remembering that sex for children and sex with children is a leftist proposition."

The emblem was made available by the book of the priest Tomasz Brussy, who claims that "in order to avoid the church, the church must finally fight the homosexual lobby between the clergy". The activist was also defended by the activist of the National Movement and a former member, as well as a participant of Tania with the Stars, Krzysztof Bosak. In his opinion, "nagonka" for Godek "is an attempt to shout the things that she pays attention to, that is, the left tried and partially tried to officially introduce pedophilia elements into the center of social life",

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