Phones: false confirmation of transfers – messages

The problem mainly affects people who receive messages on smartphones with Android. If you click on the link in the message, you download malicious apps that can lead to phishing and damage to your phone system.

How do you recognize an attempt to cheat? Thanks to the editors of you can see how false messages look like. It is necessary to view the amount – in a fake e-mail this is PLN 629.28. Attention should also be paid to the title of the transfer: P79-106-634. In a situation where you have not executed a transfer via Przelewy24, you can ignore this suspicious message.

If you open the message yourself, the phone will not be infected. This can only happen if you click on the link and you download an unwanted application. Unwanted applications can lead to theft of personal data, and in extreme cases even money from your account.


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