PiS has taken millions of thieves. Answers to PiS advertising signs

Trwa war on billboards. The PiS responded to the Platforma Obywatelska and Nowoczesna. PO and N. pointed out to the rulers that "PiS cost millions, and …". The party of Jarosław Kaczyński was not a debtor and responded with a strong slogan that stirred up the reaction of the internaut.

"PiS picked up millions of the thieves and handed them to the children," said Kaczyński's election board, which hung in Warsaw. There were many questions from PiS opponents immediately. Who have been the thieves from which PiS has withdrawn money? Which millions of people have been taken away? Finally, who are the children who have received millions?

Journalist Jacek Nizinkiewicz asked how many thieves were validly sentenced and when Father Rydzyk was a child.

Waldemar Kuczyński asked a similar question. "If you have taken these millions away from thieves, where are thieves, did you adopt them at the PiS? Because there is no trace," he asked on Twitter.

In turn, Sławomir Neumann of the PO noted that Law and Justice had imposed 34 times taxes on Poles. He also spotted the claim that PiS gave money to children. And he named the dearest child of PiS-father Tadeusz Rydzyk from Toruń, who already received PLN 164 million.

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