PiS is crashing again! The alleged Biedron party was included in the survey

According to a new survey conducted by IPSOS for OKO.press, Law and Justice has a high, twofold advantage over the Civic Platform. The Bt Robert Biedronia party, which was never included in the investigation, would also go to the Sejm.

If the municipal elections were to take place in August, PiS could count on 41 percent. to vote. The OKO.press portal indicates that United Right would therefore retain an independent majority in parliament.

The Civic Platform would receive 20 percent. support. The third force would be Kukiz & # 39; 15 with 8 percent. to vote.

Above the electoral threshold would be SLD (6%), PSL (6%) and the assumed party of Robert Biedroń (5%).

The group was included in connection with media reports about the desire to give its own list to parliament by the president of Słupsk.

Apart from the Sejm, there would be: Modern (4 percent), Freedom (4 percent) and Total (2 percent). 5 percent of respondents gave the answer "hard to say".

The election preference survey was conducted by the IPSOS studio on 17 and 19 August, using the CATI method (by telephone) on a representative group of 1029 people.

Source: OKO.press

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