PiS presented the spot "Total trouble is not a program for Poland"

Law and Justice presented a new place in which it accuses the Civic Platform that it has no idea for Poland, and the only instrument of political rivalry is aggression.

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In the material presented by the PiS, we see fragments of anti-government demonstrations and aggressive behavior of demonstrators. There are also quotes: "PiS must be transported to Auschwitz and poisoned" and "Trash won".

– There is no program on the opposition side, no visions, no polemics and no idea for Poland, only aggression – said the head of PiS's election personnel, Tomasz Poręba.

– Today I ask about Platforma Obywatelska, what is the idea for the elections, what is the program? What is the program for the Polish village? What is your program for Polish health care? What will you do with 300+, what are you going to do with 500+, what are you going to do with Appartement +, what are you going to do with the retirement age? – asked Poręba.

PiS Spot is the answer to the PO and Modern advertising campaign. The streets of Polish cities have recently shown billboards with pictures of Jarosław Kaczyński and slogans that start with "PiS took millions …", eg "PiS took millions and the road flow like never before". According to PO spokesman Jan Grabiec, the campaign will last several weeks.


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