Podkarpackie. Motorcycle accident with a car

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  Motorcycle crashed with a car. The father and son are dead

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The engine collided with the car. Dead father and son

45-year-old driver of a motorcycle, overtaking a series of vehicles, collided with a hostile car. Despite the resuscitation on the spot, the motorcyclist and his 19-year-old passenger died.

The triumph motorcycle accident took place on Saturday afternoon on national road no. 28 in Długie, in the district of Sanok (Podkarpackie). The renault driver was injured, he was taken to the hospital

– The driver of the motorcycle took the overtaking maneuver in a forbidden place. This happened at a place where there was a double continuous line on the road, and there was a pedestrian crossing in the area – explains the sub-inspector Katarzyna Wojtowicz from the headquarters of the Poviat police in Sanok.

He also adds that it is difficult to say what the reason for this incident was. The circumstances of the accident will be clarified during the police investigation.

The deaths are father and son

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The accident happened on Saturday afternoon on national road No. 28 in Długie

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Source: PAP, TVN24

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