Podlasie. A settlement was found that could be older than Biskupin

The cover surprised the scientists themselves, because – as Adam Wawrusiewicz of the Podlasie Museum explains in Biaystok – all defensive structures in Podlasie date from the early Middle Ages. Meanwhile, this discovered Suchowola cove is located in the valley of the river. It means that it had to function in a period when the water level would be nicer. Wawrusiewicz explains that such conditions prevailed at the end of the Br era, and thus in the time when Biskupin was founded.

– We certainly have to do with archaeological sensation. In Podlasie similar places are probably about a dozen, but still in the phase of suspicion. The discovery near Jatwież Duej is, however, the first of such a well-documented place from this period – said in an interview with białostock "Gazeta Wyborcz" Wawrusiewicz.

As Aleksander Piasecki informs from the Podlasie Museum in Biaystok, the found settlement is a district. It has a diameter of at least 80 meters. The area of ​​the Maidan, ie the central part of it, with houses is about 10-12 arr. According to Aleksander Piasecki the village has defense functions, because it is equipped with a peninsula of infrastructure – a moat, a road and a reinforcement that access to the central part.

According to the researchers, the Koło Suchowola settlement is the first object of defense from the era in the Podlasie region. Piotr Kasprzyk from the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin emphasizes that the end of the pearl era is an interesting period in which the time used for daily work was used in the past. Archaeologists in the remains of the found settlements in Podlasie, including fragments of pots and primitive flint tools.

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