Policemen in Zory charged with accepting bribes – News and information from the country

Researchers determine the case as development-oriented. They call on the handymen bribes drivers to report to the public prosecutor's office. They can thus prevent criminal liability.

A Spokeswoman from the District Prosecutor's Office in Gliwice, Joanna Smorczewska told PAP that the BSW stopped Tuesday at the request of the public prosecutor's office six heavy policemen.

As established, real estate benefits – in various amounts – were accepted by various officers of the Road Traffic Service of the headquarters of the Municipal Police in Żory in exchange for giving up actions related to the disclosure of traffic violations by motorists or even crimes involving driving. influence of alcohol intoxication – said the prosecutor Smorczewska.

According to the prosecution, it happened that in exchange for bribes police officers wrote to drivers mandates for other violations than they actually did. Most of the alleged crimes had to be claimed on national road no. 81, the so-called wiślanka, and on the access roads to the A1 motorway. According to researchers, traffic police officers most often had to take bribes from drivers who exceeded the speed limit.

The detainees were charged with accepting property in connection with the performance of a public function and for conduct that constitutes a violation of the law. This threatens from year to year 10 years in prison.

The prosecutor works together with BSW in process activities. It does not make clear whether suspects acknowledge guilt. More information will probably be given on Thursday when activities with the participation of police officers will end.

According to the public prosecutor's office, the case is developing. Researchers turn to people with relevant information for the research to report to the district prosecutor's office in Gliwice. They remind that if the drivers inform about the bribes they give, law enforcement agencies and all the circumstances of the crime reveal – which the police or prosecutor did not know in advance – criminal liability will occur in accordance with the regulations.

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