Polish club closed because of monks? The field has already been plowed [ZDJĘCIA]

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The discussion about the situation of Polish football has been revived in recent days. All because of the defeat of clubs from Lotto Ekstraklasa in European cups. The repair has to start all over again, from the smallest teams. In the lower divisions many teams struggle with unusual problems. The most recent example of this is Pogoń Bugaj, which has no place to play. And all the way through the Bernardine Order.

For footballers from clubs such as those from Lesser Poland, competitions are mainly one of the ways to spend free time. In the lower classes there are no comfortable changing rooms, showers or turf that is equal to the table. And nevertheless, meetings are held every weekend.

It turns out that the passion for sports can also disturb you. They found out in Pogoń Bugaj, which occurs in class C. A club from a city of about 2.5 thousand. there is no place where you can play your home meetings. All thanks to the Bernardine order.

According to Dawid Serafin of the onet.pl portal, the pitch at which Pogoń played his game is razed to the ground. The club buildings were demolished, as were the targets. The monks of the monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska claimed that the players make it difficult to perform religious services. Around the field are Kalwaria lanes that are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, a chapel was erected by the grass, which, according to the Bernardines, was "shot down" by the players & # 39 ;.

The clergy therefore reported things where possible. They even asked for help to President Andrzej Duda, to whom they sent a letter. In the summer it was decided to close the field, but no one can answer who is responsible for it. The goal of the third game of the season is to play at home. However, it is not known whether the club will play at all, because the players do not agree to play on a different field. It would only generate additional costs.

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