Poll: PiS retains an advantage. The first result of the feast of Robert Biedroń – Polityka

The political party announced by Robert Biedron received 5 percent. vote in the IBRiS survey. He runs Law and Justice with 41 percent. support.

The United Right, which includes law and justice, Solidarna Polska and the agreement, received 41 percent. vote in the IBRiS survey. In second place with the result of 29 percent. there would be a Civic Coalition, including Civic Platform, Nowoczesna, PSL and Barbara Nowacka.

9 percent he received the Kukiz & # 39; 15 movement. 5 percent of respondents indicated the party announced by Robert Biedroń and the Democratic Left Alliance.

Three parties received 1 percent. votes – Freedom, the total party and the congress of the New Right. 9 percent respondents could not indicate a specific group.

Weaker result of the smaller coalition

The Civic Coalition, which includes the Civic Platform and Modern Platform, received 28 percent. to vote. With such a solution still leads the United Right, which has voted 39 percent. respondents.

The survey also included Kukiz & # 39; 15 (10%), the Democratic Left Alliance (8%), the Polish People's Party (5%), the Total Party (2%), Freedom (1%) and the Congress of New Right (1 percent). "I do not know / it's hard to say" – said 6 percent. respondents.

Elections for regional diets

In the case of elections for regional diets, twelve voivodships would be won by Law and Justice, and four by the Coalition of Citizens.

Who will rule in the provinces? An independent government or coalition with PiS participation would be in seven provinces. In six years, a coalition would be governed by the Citizens & # 39; Coalition. The three provinces have not been resolved.

The United Right received 35.8 percent in the elections for the regional sejmiks. to vote. The Civic Coalition won 23.3 percent and the Polish People's Party (Narodowe Stronnicy Ludowe) 12.8 percent.

The Democratic Left Alliance indicated 7.3 percent. respondents, Kukiz & # 39; 15 7.2%, and regional and non-party committees 5.4%. 3 percent respondents gave the Total Party, and 2.4 percent. Freedom. "I do not know / it's hard to say" – that's how 2.8 percent voted. persons participating in the IBRiS survey.

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