Pomerania. Death of a 5-year-old blow on a camping field

Tragedy on a camping ground in Chałupy (Pomeranian Voivodeship). The 5-year-old was fatally hit by a car. Preliminary findings from the police show that the boy pushed his skateboard in case of an accident

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As informed by asp. Headquarters. Monika Bradtke of the Prevention Department of the Puck District Police Headquarters in Puck, quoted by TVN24, came to a tragic event on Saturday at 4:45 PM.

– In the village of Chałupy, at a campsite, the driver of a Mercedes, a resident of Warsaw, knocked a 5-year-old boy, a resident of Gdynia, over.

According to researchers, the woman drove the internal road at the time of the accident and turned left where the 5-year-old was. The boy probably pushed his skateboard with his hands, so he could be invisible to a resident of Warsaw.

A torn boy died on the spot. The driver of the Mercedes was sober. She was questioned on the day of the accident and the police arrested her driver's license.


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