Pomeranian: a drunken mother left a child in the car in the forest

A trolley with a three-year-old girl in the middle, on the edge of the forest, near a road near Czarne, noticed a forest worker who was going to work – Sławomir Gradek, spokesperson for the Słupsk police, said today.

– The man knew who the child was. He took care of him and took him to his family. The police told about the event MOPS from Czarne – said Gradek.

The child was placed in a care institution by a decision of family law.

The spokesman added that the woman had been detained. She was drunk. He is in custody of the police. Because of the condition after drinking, she could not be questioned immediately. There are no costs involved.

According to police findings, the 24-year-old returned home with her daughter from the party. Why she left the child in the pram at the edge of the forest and where she was then, as the spokesperson said, is figuring out the process.

A police investigation is carried out to put a child at risk by a mother who was obliged to take care of her daughter. Committing this act is punishable by a prison sentence of three months to five years.

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