President Słupska Robert Biedron has a marriage with 10 couples

Robert Biedron really made Las Vegas. All thanks to weddings. Unfortunately, lovers want to swear before the president of Słupsk. There are so many enthusiastic people that there are no vacancies from the long term until the end of the presidential term and to meet the request of as many young people as possible, it was decided to organize a collective celebration.

On Saturday, August 25, 20 people were in the local council chamber. The room was filled to the brim. And they were not just fugitives, because they wanted to make a wedding voucher for Robert Biedron from all over Poland and even from abroad. This time, yes, the newlyweds from Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and even from Germany said to themselves.

– Our dream was to only let Robert Biedron get married. We knew that there are many who want to, so when we got a collective ceremony, we decided right away – you said young people.

For 4 years Robert Biedron has married more than a hundred couples – from Poland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.

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