Professor Cenckiewicz: I get threats in connection with Ewa Gawor's case

Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz wrote on Twitter that he gets numerous threats. The situation must be related to the case of Ewa Gawor, a senior magistrate in Warsaw – the historian revealed her connections with the services of the PRL.

A senior official of the magistrate of Warsaw, a servant of the PRL services

Ewa Gawor – director of the Office for Security and Crisis Management of the capital of Warsaw, responsible for the decision to dissolve …

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Cenckiewicz writes that the last two weeks the threats to his address have been intensified, in which a scenario of his funeral appears. He also states that he will not stop writing about Gawor.

Gawor is the director of the Office for Security and Crisis Management of the city of Warsaw Warsaw. On 1 August, she dissolved the March of the Warsaw Uprising Monument, organized by national environments.

As revealed by Cenckiewicz, she was previously a lieutenant of the Citizens & # 39; Militia, graduated from the officers' college of them. Feliks Dzerzhinsky and employee of the PESEL department of the Ministry of the Interior.

Because of her career in the structures of the security device of the PRL, she was covered by the so-called de-Lutkian law, reduction of pensions and pensions of former officers of the security services of the PRL.


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