Rafał Trzaskowski on TVP. Jarosław Olechowski answers PO requests

From an announcement by the PO of an application to the PKW to check the times, how much time has been spent on other than Patryk Which candidates for the President of Warsaw by TVP aroused the reaction from the head of the television information agency Jaroslaw Olechowski. According to him, everything is fine.

Let us remind you that the Civic Platform announced on Saturday that it would submit a proposal to the PKW regarding "illegal promotion and agitation activities" conducted by TVP for the candidate for President of Warsaw, Partyka Jakiego. This was reported by PO MP Mikał Szczerba.

The head of the television information agency, Jarosław Olechowski, responded to this announcement and made sure everything was in good condition.

– TVP Info informs about actions of politicians in relation to their activity. Contrary to what Michał Szczerba claims, Rafał Trzaskowski regularly appears in TVP news programs – he said

Olechowski also assured that TVP journalists regularly inform about the campaign of the PO candidate, despite obstructing their work .

The opinions of the TAI chief are not shared by commentators, who pay attention to the way TVP uses Trzaskowski in its materials.

It is not yet known when PKW will treat PO

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