Recipe for the platform for victory in Warsaw? Close Trzaskowski in the cupboard and keep him under the key!

Best platform! If you want to win in Warsaw, Trzaskowski closes in the closet and keep him locked! – Probably only such an appeal can be sent by sympathizers of the largest ruling party observing the election campaign in Warsaw. The Citizens & # 39; Coalition candidate is working hard to fail.

It started with innocent, & # 39; memogenic & # 39; accidents, but as long as the pre-campaign was in progress, and Patryk Jaki's staff were not avoided, everything was normal. Oh, an unheated player can not show the full spectrum of his skills. The following weeks, and with their later due dates, caused fear in the team of united PO and modern forces. And it is difficult to be surprised. You can be amazed at the presence of someone like Trzaskowski at such a high political level. This guest simply does not have the natural drive that every political leader should characterize.

One could not agree with the post-communist Kwasniewski or the liberal Tusk, but it is impossible to deny them the natural ability to be in different situations. The kindness of a typical politician of a kind-he knocked on it, smiled at it, danced here, kicked the ball there. Trzaskowski gives the impression of an academic stiffness. Unreal, withdrawn, without a practical feeling, but at the same time haughty and incapable of listening.

Against the background of such competition, Patryk Jaki can gain self-confidence, especially in the further part of the campaign, in which steel nerves and the ability to confront play a key role.

A Trzaskowski? After a discussion of districts by the prism of male-female relations, an operetta reminder recalls the seminar with Prof. Geremek and finally the comic gluing of the glass presented his slogan. And here is also a meatball, because it turned out that the words "Warsaw for everyone" were already presented by Piotr Guział.

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Anyway, the sentence sounds quite comical in Trzaskowski's mouth. Finally, did he not try to point out in a concealed manner the fact that he had not been born in the capital?

Apparently, research has shown something to the staff of the platform. And all you have to do is listen to what the street says. Not necessarily from the perspective of Plac Zbawiciela.

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