Record holidays in Poland. "It is a result of good weather and a higher income"

For hoteliers and owners of B & B's it was a dream holiday. According to the results of booking on e-platforms with and accommodation, 75% more Poland than last year spent the holidays on domestic travel – we read in "Rzeczpospolita".

The prices were much higher than in the summer of 2017, but holidaymakers usually traveled through three-, four-person families, of which every third took a pet – informs the newspaper. According to Rzeczpospolita, the highest prices on the coast and in the mountains, despite the cyanobacteria that appeared in the Baltic Sea around July and August – after that, prices fell by a third for a few days.

According to interviewed "Rz", Jaroslaw Kałucki of the record number of holidaymakers in Poland is the result of good weather, hot water in the sea and lakes and higher family incomes.

– Poland not only sent their children to camps and camps, but also for part of the holiday they left with the whole family

– he explained in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

As told by the newspaper expert of the booking platform Grzegorz Kołodziej, "Under no circumstances can the owners of facilities from Zakopane, Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg, Wrocław or Warsaw complain that they earned about 75 percent more in the summer than in 2017". In his opinion, this has to do with the fact that Poland decide more than one trip in the summer.

Just like last year, Gdańsk, then Sopot and Gdynia were the most popular cities by the sea. In the mountains of Zakopane, Karpacz and Kościelisko. On average, a family of three or four people booked a minimum of four nights. Longer trips to the sea in particular Kołobrzeg and Władysławowo – the average booking is six days. Krakow and Wrocław dominate in weekend trips, where rooms were reserved for a maximum of three nights – read the article.

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Source: PAP,, "Rzeczpospolita"

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