Robert Biedroń's party does not exist yet and already has 5 percent. in the poll | politics

The opinion poll in the parliamentary elections was held for the portal by Ipsos on 17 and 19 August. The survey shows that PiS would receive 41 percent. will vote if parliamentary elections are held today. It is more than a twofold advantage over PO, with a vote of 20 percent.

5 percent on Robert Biedroń & # 39; s "I love Poland"

The third group in parliament would be Kukiz & # 39; 15 with a score of 8 percent, just behind the Kukiz party there would be SLD and PSL (both parties with 6 percent support). The survey also took into account the non-existent group of Robert Biedroń, with a score of 5 percent. it would be the last power in parliament. Apart from the Sejm, they would find: Modern. Party of freedom and party together.

The survey was conducted on a group of 1029 people.

Biedroñ in great politics?

Robert Biedroñ wants to start his own list in the parliamentary elections last week, Gazeta Wyborcza informed last week. According to unofficial information, the Biedron party & # 39; I love Poland & # 39; name. Biedroñ did not confirm that he was establishing his group.

In the last presidential poll, Biedroñ won the third place. According to a July survey, he would receive 17 percent. to vote.

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