Sandomierz. The protest of farmers during a meeting with Mateusz Morawiecki

According to TOK FM, several dozen farmers came to the Prime Minister in Sandomierz. They brought along a box that symbolizes the dying Polish agriculture. Inside they placed vegetables and fruit and put the pig's head on the crate. In an interview with journalists, they complained about the low prices of raspberries, cherries and apples. – It has not been that bad for years. Fruit growers stay in the bushes for fruit growers, because it is not profitable to break them – they said.

Interview with the Minister

The Minister of Agriculture, Jan Ardanowski, who attended Sandomierz, spoke to protesting farmers for a moment. – I have waited for them many times in the Ministry of Agriculture. They never appeared, but claim they were in the agriculture committee in the Sejm. To solve problems, however, you must talk in detail. Especially that they have grown over the years – said the politician in an interview with TOK FM. According to the farmers, the proposals for conversations do nothing. – There is no real help for fruit growers. There is no support for breeders. We see what we hear as apparent movements – they argued.

Let us remember that the prime minister quoted eight points during the speech presented by the ruling party in its rural program. He remembered the idea of ​​extra money for insurance or increased subsidies for agricultural fuel. – We have an offer for the village. And what did they have? What did the PSL have? They introduced fines for farmers for the retail trade in agricultural products produced by the farmer. They punished farmers with a fine, and the Minister of Agriculture called farmers the seagulls, "said Mateusz Morawiecki.

The head of the government also spoke about the current opposition. He stated that the Civ Platform's main assumption is to remove PiS program's such as "500 plus". – Closes the IPN, i.e. soon we will discover that we have attacked Germany in 1939. They will close the CBA, they said. It would not be all the billions that we recovered for social policy, for health care, for a reduced retirement age, for "500 plus", were it not for our special services that they fear because they fear integrity – summed up Mateusz Morawiecki together.

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