Shyness! Pumping the balloon continues. One survey gave the non-existing Biedron party low support, the second was ready

62 percent. the respondents believe that the sexual orientation of Robert Biedronia will not affect the support for the political party he intends to set up – according to a survey of the portal.

Bravo Poland! At least you have shown some normality and common sense

– praise the respondents of in embarrassing ways.

The media have been writing for a long time about the establishment of a political party by President Słupsk. On Wednesday, Robert Biedron confirmed that he plans to start his party.

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27 percent in turn. Is of the opinion that sexual orientation Biedronia can damage his political initiative. According to 11 percent respondents, it can help him.

The study for Wirtualna Polska was performed on the Ariadna panel on 17-21 August at 1049 people.

On Tuesday, the Ipsos poll was released for the portal. It shows that the potential party of the current president of Słupsk, Robert Biedroń, can count on 5 percent. support. The poll also states that if the parliamentary elections were to be held today, PiS would have collected 41%, PO – 20%, Kukiz & # 39; 15 – 8%, SLD – 6%, PSL – 6%. At the electoral threshold there would be Modern with a score of 4 percent.

First of all a rather curious survey, because it is such a balloon that blows up. The new Biedronia project has been said for so long and to be honest, for such pumps, the effect is pretty miserable

– assessed the support for the Biedronia party, the president of Nowoczesna Katarzyna Lubnauer.

She noticed that the new political formations, usually for the newness, receive "a bonus" in the form of support of about 10 percent.

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