Slovakia. An accident with luxury cars from Poland. He does not live 57 years old Slawak

The Slovak police informed about an accident that took place on Sunday near the town of Dolný Kubín in northern Slovakia. Officers published a film that freezes blood in veins. You can see it above.

Slovakia: the accident with luxury cars from Poland

On the image you see three luxury cars – according to information from policemen and local media – from Poland. Follow one after another by following the overtaking maneuver. The first car, a black Mercedes, drove to the right lane. The yellow Ferrari that followed tried to settle, but at one point the driver decided he could not finish the maneuver and started to brake. Then a black Porsche drove behind him in the back of the car, who then struck his head in a direction from the opposite direction.

57-year-old Slawak, a skoda driver who went with his family, died on the spot. The status of other people who participated in the accident is still unknown.

The porsche motorist was stopped by the police. The officers announced "uncompromising action" against the perpetrators of the accident.

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