Sources in the PiS: Macierewicz wants to become the president of the Supreme Audit Office

Recently, Antim Macierewicz spoke about the change of address. The Smolensk subcommittee managed by him left the building of the ministry in Klonowa many months after the resignation of Macierewicz from the post of the head of the Ministry of National Defense and moved to the Kolska building 13.

But there are many indications that the former minister would like to change the address again. According to several of our informants, Macierewicz is making efforts to become the president of the Supreme Audit Office. – Is this a real scenario – we ask an important government official. – That's hard to say. Firstly, Macierewicz has no legal training, but he has great political influence, so I do not exclude anything – says our informant.

Macierewicz is indeed an extremely ambitious politician. During the first PiS government in 2005-2007 he was liquidator of the WSI, head of the military counterintelligence agency and vice-minister of defense. His activity, however, has aroused so much controversy that, when before his election in 2015 his name appeared among the candidates to take over the portfolio of the defense minister, the future Prime Minister Beata Szydło certainly denied it. She stressed that the candidate for the head of the Ministry of Defense was Jarosław Gowin, the chairman of Polski Razem. She changed her mind after the elections. Macierewicz took up the function of the head of the Ministry of Defense, and Gowin became the Minister of Culture and also dealt with the portfolio of Deputy Prime Minister.

– I do not exclude that Jaroslaw Kaczynski Macierewicz can give this kind of sonority. But this is the last person who should fulfill such a function – says former Secretary of Defense Tomasz Siemoniak of PO. We did not manage to contact Antoni Macierewicz.

Discussion in the PiS about the cast of NIK leadership takes place, although the politicians of this party get water on their lips. – You will not persuade me to speculate – we hear from the senator the ruling party Jan Maria Jackowski. – These are the decisions of management – the deputy Łukasz Schreiber cuts away.

The office of the current president of the Supreme Chamber of Control will end as early as next year, but in the court in Warsaw a court case has just begun in which Krzysztof Kwiatkowski is accused of placing matches in his institution. This is why the potential candidates for his successor are getting louder. It is unofficially known that Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak received the proposal to move to the Supreme Chamber of Control, but he rejected it.

According to information from Onet, the candidacy of Jakub Skiba, the current president of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, who already worked at the NIK, is seriously considered. We asked to talk to him. However, the PGZ press service has informed us that in the event of a busy schedule, the interview is not possible for the time being. In the meantime, it is getting hotter around Skiba and its current workplace.

It is unofficially known that PGZ will undergo major changes. According to our interlocutors, the idea of ​​supervising PGZ companies from the Ministry of National Defense directly to the Prime Minister's Chancellery is being considered for several months in the government. The heads of the armistice would be taken over by the people of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and replaced by the nominees of the Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak.

Changing the supervisor also gives a handy excuse to exchange board members. As Onet heard, the dismissal of the chairman of Skiby has been on the Prime Minister's office for a few months and he has been on holiday for a long time. – The company appears sporadically to sign the most urgent documents – says Onet one of PGZ's employees. However, the company denies it itself. In the communiqué of the Polish armaments group, we read: "President Skiba is not currently taking on any form of leave." The president of Skiba carries out his daily duties, leads the company and manages the work of PGZ SA's board of directors. It makes decisions that are relevant to the company and supervises strategic projects of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa.

– I have a rule that I do not talk about possible personal changes, even if I know them – says Onet, chairman of the parliamentary national defense committee, Michał Jach (PiS). The Ministry of Defense has not answered our questions on this issue.

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