Śpiewak: the candidate for the Supreme Court is involved in the reprivatisation scandal

PiS wanted to use the reproductive scandal against PO activists and win local elections in Warsaw. In the ruling party they themselves have a problem with this. Jan Śpiewak, an independent candidate, proves that the lawyer and candidate in court at the Supreme Court associated with the PiS is involved in the scandal. He would participate in the acquisition of the property in Stępińska 17.

Jan Śpiewak is fighting for the Warsaw presidency with the same methods that the law and justice resort to. He wants to show that the competitor does not clean and has something to do with the reproductive scandal in Warsaw or helps to erase traces of illegal takeovers of tenement houses. The commendable committee of Patryk Jakiej against PO politicians does the same thing.

But whoever fights with the sword … Jan Śpiewak published a message on Twitter, beginning with the fact that he appealed to Patryk Jakiego more than a month ago with the request to quickly take a stand in connection with the participation from PiS council members to the privatization affair. What a position he has not taken up to this day.

And it is, among other things, an appeal to the committee of Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński. They would answer the question of how it happened that none of them noticed that people involved in the Law and Justice were involved in the illegal acquisition of tenements in Warsaw.

Among others Jerzy Szaniawski. According to Śpiewak he is involved in the takeover of the house in Stępińska St. 17. According to Śpiewak, Maciej Szaniawski is also the mentor of the head of the CBA, Ernest Brejda, who has been in office since 2015, that is to say, elections won by the PiS. In fact, Szaniawski asked the judge of the Supreme Court.

"PiS makes its own farm from Poland, and Patryk Jaki lays his hand because he is not involved with the PiS people in the wild reproduction, now they are even more advanced, we can not allow them to reign in Warsaw! " – Jan Śpiewak ends his entry.

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