Storms about Poland. But this is not the end of warnings

Podlasie: fire of lightning

In Podlasie the changing weather caused the fire department to register more than 20 damaged roofs, including four on residential buildings. The most damaged roofs were located in the facades of Moniuszki, Łomża and Augustów. Five events are related to houses, other – company buildings. In Białystok an attic of a residential building was lit by a lightning strike. Several dozen interventions were related to the fallen trees. In the evening there were about 11,000 in the region without electricity. receivers. As informing the energy-ers, the most difficult situation is in the following municipalities: Kolno, Ła, Piętoknica, Suwałki, Zambrów, Michałowo, Gródek, £ apy and Zabłudów.

Łódzkie: several dozen roofs damaged

In the Lodz region, storms have damaged several roofs. By 20.00 hours the guards have intervened almost 50 times – informs the spokesman for the provincial fire brigade in £ ódŸ, senior captain Jêdrzej Pawlak. Most interventions were recorded in the Zduñkowice, Łaski and Wieluń districts. Twelve roofs were damaged in the entire voivodship, ten of which in the Wieluń poviat. Four roofs were damaged in Wrońsk, three in Rychlocice and Konopnica near Wieluń. Two roofs damaged the wind in Zborów near Łącko.

Lower Silesia: torn lines, tilted trees

In Lower Silesia the firefighters had the most jobs in Wroclaw and its surroundings, where a storm with hail had passed. A strong wind hit trees and yanked away some high-voltage lines. The inhabitants of Wrocław, Ołtaszyn, Wojszyc Jagodna, have no power. There are also problems in ¯erniki Wrocławskie, Radomierzyce and Siechnice. On the national eight on the section between Wrocław and Jordanów Śląski on the bus decreased by ¼. Nothing happened to anyone. In the Zdwieradów Zdrój in Lower Silesia the firefighters had to search the rubble in Myśliwska. A single-family wooden house collapsed there. No one is suffering – confirms the crisis management center of the Dolnośląskie Voivode. Synoptics from IMGW predict that rain falls in Lower Silesia during the night, especially in the east of the region – storms. The minimum temperature is even 14 degrees Celsius.

Warmia-Masuria: storms with hail and heavy rain

In the Greater Masurian Voivodeship, in the Kêtran poviat, firefighters removed trees and branches that were broken by the wind of the road. I still have to pay attention to water sportsmen on the big lakes of Mazury. According to the weather forecasts, the region sees rapid storms with hail and heavy rainfall and wind gusts of the southern wind of up to 90 kilometers per hour at around 1 o'clock in the night.

Lubelskie: fallen trees, flooded cars & # 39; s

In the province of Lublin the storms were also destroyed by trees. Most of the events took place in the Bialski poviat, where the storm appeared before 6 PM. Tenguards went to the fallen trees ten times. Several times they also intervene in the Zamojski and Biłgoraj poviats. No one has suffered according to the service on duty.

In Lublin many cars were stuck in the inland waters, which were built after a downpour. Floods with spotlights and streetlights failed in many places.

Saturday weather: storms and strong winds in the east

Today, thunderstorms are possible in the east of the country. It hits the most in the southeast, mainly in the south of the voivodships Małopolska and Podkarpackie. Wind gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour are possible during the storm. Shower and weak storms are expected in the rest of the country. In the next week, in the middle and in the east of the country, the temperature will not exceed 25 degrees. In the southwest, however, thermometers can indicate up to 30 degrees in the middle of the week.

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