Storms with hail over the province of Silesia. The IMGW has issued a meteorological warning for Sunday 2 09 2018

Weather forecast for Sunday 29 August 2014 Thunderstorms and rain

The Office of Meteorological Forecasts in Krakow has issued a warning for thunderstorms that can occur in a large part of the Śląskie Voivodeship.


The warning concerns Bielsko, Cieszyn, Pszczyna, Raciborz, Rybnik, Wodzisław and Bielsko – Biała, Jastrzębie – Zdrój, Rybnik and Żory.



The alarm is valid on Sunday 2 September from 14. to 21. At that time, the meteorological forecasts office in Krakow predicts "the occurrence of storms with rainfall up to 25 mm and wind gusts up to 65 km / h. Everything indicates that the situation can be repeated from Saturday, when the downpour overflowed Halemba, the district of Ruda Śląska


Convective forecast for 02.09.2018 and for the night 02 / 03/09/2018

On Sunday, the two most important barrica centers will influence the weather in Poland. The northern, central and eastern part of Poland falls within the reach of the growing high pressure system of the southern part of the Baltic and Scandinavia. The southern part of the country, however, will be within the range of the depressed upper depression of yesterday, located in the lowland region of Padańska (northern part of Italy) with the mesoscale lines on the east side of the system (within the short upper wave ). Above a large part of Poland will be covered by the transforming mass of tropical air. In the second part of the day and in the evenings on the cool atmospheric front that runs south of our country (Eastern Czech Republic, Austria, Western Hungary and Slovakia), a short upper wave will develop with a clear wind convergence zone those locally violent storms and a likely meso system will cause convection that moves from southeast to northwest. In Poland local storms are possible, mainly during the day in the south of the country.

In the area characterized by the orographic lifting of air masses and the development of the wind convergence zone during the day, storms will be most likely. Potential energy available through convection can reach values ​​of up to 800-1500 J / kg. Taking into account moderate wind shear and wind curves (DLS up to 8-12 m / s, LLS 0-1 km 6-10 m / s, SRH 0-3 km 6-10 m2 / s2), it is possible to develop multicellular storms as well as individual storm supercells, with heavy rainfall (up to 20-35 mm rainfall), hail storms (up to 2-3.5 cm in diameter) and strong gusts of wind. The individual convective cells can also be electrically active. The development of storms in this area will be possible mainly in the afternoons and afternoons, local storms can also be excluded during the night.

In the remaining range, the thermodynamic fluctuation during the day will reach values ​​of about 400-1000 J / kg, depending on the amount of turbidity that determines the solar radiation during the day and thus the thermodynamically unstable for a particle that moves away from the earth's surface. lifted. Due to the relatively weaker rising mechanisms with the flow of air masses from east to west, the chance of developing storms during the day will be relatively small. In the case of storms that develop in this area, they will usually take the form of a few storm cells or small multicellular storms, the strongest sometimes intense rainfall of up to 10-15 mm, strong gusts up to about 80 km / h and small hail. can cause. Kinematic parameters in this area will be relatively similar to those in the 1 risk level area, so in the case of storm development in this area, it will be possible to create a single, but not very durable, storm upper chamber, especially in the southern part of the marked area. & # 39; Evening & & # 39; At night because of the approaching short upper wave and stronger upward movements, local storms will be possible, especially in the southwestern part of the marked area.


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